Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Direct Mail:

Let me start by saying… It’s not paper-spam like you get everyday in mailbox! The kind of direct mail you’re used to is like carpet-bombing every mail box in a 10 zip code area. We’ve had a lot of success with postal surgical strike postcards that go to small groups of very specific demographics. We sent out a postcard last month to every business in the Metro Orlando area that makes more then a million dollars in profits annually. The response rate was about 4%, which is higher then the 1% response rate direct mail campaigns typically generate.

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Consider Imagery:

I really hate old clichés and I really hate to admit that they become clichés because they represent a time-tested truth. When putting together a design it’s really important to decide what you want your image to say. Anyone can open PhotoShop, slap some images together + the cool font of the day but the designs that last are the ones that come from a fully flushed out concept. “Good design goes to heaven, Bad design goes everywhere!” is a much newer adage that I saw on a bumper sticker a few years back. As you’d expect, super-cool pink background (that particular years new black) and written in a trendy cool ultra-hip font. Not sure the layout will stand the test of time, but I hope the words will.

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