Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Define Advertising"

A quick search on Google gives you "Definitions of advertising on the Web," and boy, are there many. How can there be so many definitions of one word?

One of the definitions say, "Ad: a public promotion of some product or service" - but couldn't I advertise in a private setting? Or couldn't I advertise the birth of my new baby boy? I would not think of a child as a product or service.

Another definition, just a short while down the list says, "Making known; calling public attention to a product, service, or company by means of paid announcements...." wait, I can't even finish this one because I know I've gotten free, non-paid advertising before. In fact, every time I send an email my signature at the bottom acts as a little free advertising for my websites.

I have to say, the definition that is somewhat ambiguous, but that I agree with the most, comes from where they say, "There are a variety of definitions, with subtle but important distinctions. While the general public frequently views advertising as encompassing all forms of promotional communication, most advertising practitioners limit it to paid communications conveyed by a mass medium. The latter definition distinguishes advertising from other forms of marketing communication, such as Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing."

I like that! They admit that there are many definitions. They admit although normally it is paid, it can mean any form of promotional communication. Most importantly, I think they further understand when "advertising" is not paid, then it can be considered part of your other business sectors such as your Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, and the like.

What do you think the definition of Advertising is? Leave me a comment!