Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Search Engine Optimization and Back Link Building"

By now, if you've been attempting to raise the position of your website in Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you know that one of the ways to do so is through "back links." (There are others too, like fresh content and updates, meta tags, and more.)

If you're not sure what back links are, back links are links to your site from someone else's. Each back link acts as a vote for your site. In other words, the search engines think that if others are willing to link to your website, you must have relevant worthwhile information on it. However, there are a few points to remember:

1. The quality of the pages linking to you matter.

2. The higher their ranking, the more their vote weighs for your site.

3. Be careful not to get banned from the search engines by creating many different junk sites that link to your site.

4. Don't SPAM all over the web, linking your site however and whenever you can. You should only be leaving your link on other relevant sites when you have something to contribute!

Check out this great article at Entrepreneur's Journey on back links, and this article at Charlie Cook's Marketing Blog


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