Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Objectivity Wins in Marketing"

It would be difficult to say what the single most important marketing rule is, for there are so many one should follow. However, if we had to make a decision, I would say that being objective to the product or service in which you are trying to market, would rank near the very top.

Objectivity means not having any biased opinion about the product or service. That means even marketing agencies violate this rule often. Can you guess why? To make the sale. They tell the client, "This product is great! Everyone will love it! Give us $100,000 and we'll get our best advertisers on it right away."

True objectivity begins with the future consumer. To establish a position in the market place, you must know what the customer already believes is true.

The correct approach for the above marketing company to take would be to do research with the future consumer first, before beginning to advertise the product - as not to miss the mark. What if it isn't the greatest product? What if the idea is great, but the implementation still isn't right? What if it could be changed just slightly, but enough to significantly effect the sales (and maybe future success) of the product indefinitely?

Seek the opinions of others who have absolutely nothing to gain by siding with you. (This doesn't mean you can't pay them for their time, just be sure to compensate them equally regardless of their response.)

Seek out criticism and be open to change.

Then, and only then, should you begin and maintain a long-term advertising and sales strategy that appeals to the position or need that the customer already holds in their mind.

Financial gain, personal and emotional involvement, relationships, friendships, and a variety of other spikes in the road can cloud one's judgment and hide the obvious answer when it comes to successfully taking a product and distributing it to the market place.

Always be objective by listening to the end consumer, and valuing their responses the most.

Do the research for your product, find the right position, and market it successfully.


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