Sunday, July 24, 2005

"50 Successful Selling Habits"

Marketing is supposed to do one thing, lead a prospect to a purchase. A basic understanding of sales is necessary then to produce good marketing results. It takes more than just bringing the customer in, you still have to make the sale.

Here are 50 selling habits that when practiced often will create win/win situations for your clients and your wallet.

1. Be Enthusiastic
2. Keep Records of your contacts, calls, presentations, and sales
3. See 4 to 5 people per day - Make the call!
4. Practice Public Speaking (Join a club or take a class)
5. Have an organization day and plan the week ahead
6. Join the 6 O'clock club, get up early, and get more done during the day
7. Find out what your customer wants and help them get it
8. Ask questions to lead the interview... then ask more questions... and later more questions
9. Put YOU in the interview
10. Set Appointments and work by them (it shows you value your customer's time)
11. Assume the close before the sale
12. Prepare and do your due diligence before the interview
13. Express your opinion with "Dont you think..." or "Don't you feel..." (so its their idea)
14. Find the Basic Need, or main point of interest and stick to the point
15. When coming across an objection - ASK WHY!
16. After their answer, ask is there anything in addition to that? (this might reveal the real objection)
17. Be an Active Listener
18. Stop Talking if no one is listening and wait out the silence (let them talk first)
19. Look into their eyes and deserve confidence if you want them to be confident in you
20. Keep Learning, read, listen to audio tapes, and go to seminars
21. Praise your Competitors
22. Tell the Truth
23. Call a Witness for a direct testimony
24. Look your Best
25. Convince them sincerely you are their friend
26. Get them to Confide their greatest ambition
27. Ask how they got started in their business
28. Use their Name
29. Smile!
30. Take an Impression of their face and name, Repeat the name, and Associate it with a picture so not to forget it
31. Don't talk to much - your ears learn about their needs, not your tongue
32. When you are scared or nervous admit it!
33. Take a Natural, Sincere, Honest Approach
34. Sell the Interview before you sell the product
35. Build Raport and talk about their hobbies
36. Develop a Questionnaire and keep them from each of your sales interviews
37. Love the Secretary - she is the key to your appointment
38. Write Out the Presentation and read it until you know it - welcome criticism
39. Have the customer do the math
40. Dramatize! and Demonstrate (better yet, let them demonstrate it for you)
41. Never Forget a customer and never let them forget you
42. Ask for Referrals
43. Appreciate any referrals by calling back the person who gave it to you regardless of the referral's outcome
44. Save Closing Points for the close
45. Summarize the Benefits before you close (better yet, let them summarize the benefits)
46. Make Sure you Follow the Sequence: Get Attention, Interest, Desire, then Close
47. Ask How they like it
48. Close: Sign Here X ___________________________
49. Get a Deposit - even a few dollars will instill ownership for the product
50. Get the Next Appointment or permission for the next appointment

I urge you to take a few from the list, your weakest points or something you've never tried before, and practice them one at a time. Every week rotate into a new initiative until you reach the beginning of your list and then repeat. If you're afraid always remember:

When someone has courage it doesn't mean that they're not afraid, it simply means they know how to conquer their fears.


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