Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Create a System of Selling to Produce Results"

There are five main steps you should include in your selling system. Practice and rehearse your sales presentations before you leave your office, and you'll increase your sales 400%. The best sales people practice. Period. They find what works and use the same lines over and over. They script what they will say, what order they will say it in, what objections they might come across and how to handle them, and even how they'll posture themselves in front of perspective clients.

To sell successfully you should:

1. Identify customer decision points in your sales presentation, such as a Yes or an Objection.

2. Follow a written script (like that from a theatrical play) that will lead the customer to a "yes" decision, to and from every other Yes or Objection in the conversation.

3. Memorize of the scripts.

4. Produce physical marketing materials that accompany the written script.

5. Train your salesmen to be attentive and communicate effectively by watching, listening, and acknowledging the personal needs of your customers, while leading them to the solutions.

Finally, none of this works if you don't have anyone to sell to. Get on the phone and set some appointments. Your goal on the phone should be to build rapport and get a commitment for a personal meeting where you can show off your selling system. If you've perfected it, once you set the appointment - your product should be as good as sold.

Remember, you're solving customer's personal needs and problems, even if they don't realize they have them! Make them aware of the issues, and then allow them to proceed to tell you that they are experiencing the same frustrations or have the same personal needs.

If the customer says it, its true. If you say it, its just an opinion.


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