Friday, June 10, 2005

"16 Ways to Promote Your Business"

Here's a FREE eBook provided by Paypal, written by Jim Caroll and Rick Broadhead. You have to fill out a short survey (4-5 questions), but I figured it would be beneficial to some of my readers. The content is fairly general speaking, but would be great for someone just starting out in ecommerce. If you've been around a while though, you're probably already using most of these techniques. RMI creates a lot of the same marketing materials, and coding for ecommerce websites they speak about, including cross-selling code, featured items, opt-in permission marketing + list building, target market research, etc. If you see a good idea in the ebook, and would like to find out how your business can implement the tool - I can help.

Here's the table of contents:

(1) Know your audience
(2) Your brand name
(3) Offline marketing
(4) Your retail store
(5) Gift certificates
(6) Cross-selling
(7) Product referral services
(8) Affiliate programs
(9) Permission marketing
(10) Search engines and Web directories
(11) Search engine optimization
(12) Online shopping directories
(13) Online advertising and sponsorships
(14) Keyword-based advertising
(15) Links from other Web sites
(16) Monitor activity on your Web site

16 Ways to Promote Your Business


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