Monday, May 30, 2005

"The Marketing Death Trap"

Watch Out!

There's a death trap out there just waiting for your business to fall in.

I've learned over the years that when businesses aren't doing so well, the budget gets tight, and people start looking for places to cut costs - they always see marketing materials as dispensable. I mean, you didn't hand out all of those fliers last time you had them printed anyways, right? And everything else is necessary, right? You have to pay your wholesalers so you'll have your product when people order it. You have to pay rent. You have to pay utilities. You have to pay your employees. And the list goes on.

I'm here to tell you my friends that every one of those should be cut first, before you cut your marketing budget and materials. You can down-size your office. Heck, you can even run your business from home. You can get credit to stock your products. You can down size the number of employees you have. You can do all of this - but don't cut back on your marketing when business gets slow.

Doesn't it only make sense to increase your marketing budget when business gets slow? I hope you see it that way.

Marketing is what drives your business. It's what brings new customers to your front door. Cut back on your marketing materials, and your cutting your own life-line.

Have you ever thought that your marketing plan just needs adjusting? If you want to do better, don't cut back on the budget - change where your money gets spent. If it's not working, stop doing the same old thing. I'll help you review your marketing plan, if you'd like, at no cost.

Just make sure you see marketing as an investment. Everything else is an expense. Cut your expenses, and invest in your business.


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