Friday, June 17, 2005

"Increase Your Product's Chance for Success"

Its not what you say, but how you say it that gets your customers to buy.

Customers purchase benefits. They rarely are looking to buy the product itself; they are looking to purchase that which your product can provide for them. Doesn't it only make sense then to present it to them in this manor?

Here are the rules you must follow when marketing a product to your target market:

1. Focus on Detailed Benefits
2. Give Yourself Credibility
3. Define a Dramatic Difference

Most people list their product's features when trying to sell something to someone. However, if your customer isn't directly told how that feature will benefit them, it is very unlikely they will buy the product.

Remember, its OK for a customer to say no if what you offer does not apply to them, but never let a customer say no because they don't understand how your product will benefit them.

Here's an activity to turn your product's features into Detailed Benefits:

1. Start with a list of your product's features.
(At this point the customer sees your product like every one else's.)

ie. If you are selling cars:

*CD Player
*V8 Engine

2. Transform them into benefits.

*Cooling AC
*CD Sound System
*Powerful V8 Engine

3. Transform the benefits into Detailed Benefits.
(At this point the customer should feel an emotional connection with your product and imagine themselves experiencing it.)

*Cooling AC for those hot summer days.
*Play your favorite CDs on the incredible sound system.
*Drive and feel the powerful V8 engine and leave others behind in the dust.

It also helps to associate your marketing images with the same idea in mind. People usually buy products with an image already in their mind of what it will be like when they own your product. Capture this image correctly on your marketing materials, and it could mean the difference between having a winner or a loser.

Now take the detailed benefits and apply the credibility and a dramatic difference. (The dramatic difference should be 10 times greater than you think to really draw peoples attention.)


"Feel the Power of This V8 Engine" (title that describes a detailed benefit)

Come on down to "Cars-R-Us" this weekend and we'll give you "Tires for Life" (dramatic difference) when you invest in our new model ___________. Drive and Feel the powerful difference a V8 engine can make and leave others behind in the dust. Crank your ice cold AC on those hot summer days and listen to your favorite tunes on our incredible CD sound system. (detailed benefits) At "Cars-R-Us" we've been helping people like you own the cars they want for less, for over 20 years. We guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase or we'll buy it back from you. (credibility) Come see us this weekend and get "Tires for Life!" (call to action / dramatic difference)

Test it on yourself before you try it:

1. Go through the news paper and highlight the ads that capture your attention.
2. Evaluate them for the benefit they provide you.
3. Compare them to the ads that didn't grab your attention.

The ads that didn't grab your attention at first should contain no benefit at all or not apply to you. Remember its OK if it doesn't apply, but not if you can't understand how the product would benefit you.

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