Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Generating Qualified Leads From Your Website"

Generating qualified leads can be one of the most difficult challenges businesses face in their marketing efforts. The key is to set up an automatic system that delivers leads to you. This can be accomplished through direct mail, and more recently online.

The internet has streamlined the process of gathering qualified leads for businesses automatically and at minimal cost, quicker and more efficiently than it's direct mail predecessor.

Most businesses today own and maintain a website. Most consumers now days also use the internet to research or find the products they are looking to purchase now or in the near future.

The opportunity for business owners to leverage this to their advantage exists then, and if your website is not generating qualified leads for you, here are some helpful tips.

1. Make it automatic. Your website must acquire and deliver the customer's information directly to the person who is to make the contact and eventually make the sale.

2. Give an incentive for your customers to contact you. Offer free reports, or free information regarding the products you offer. These reports should be non-biased and statistically based, informing the consumer of the benefits the products provide them.

3. Offer the option to be contacted. Make sure you ask, after gathering their contact information, and before your release their free report, for their permission to contact them with more detailed information.

4. Promise not to share their information. With our mailboxes filling daily with SPAM, no one wants to do business with a company that resells or releases their information to third-parties. State boldly that their information will never be sold or shared with anyone other than your business, without their prior permission.


5. Keep it short. No one wants to fill out their life story when researching a product, they simply want more information. Only ask for the contact information necessary to provide them with the solutions they are asking for.

Forms can be created on websites with relative ease. You can advertise your information via Google Adwords or other online advertising programs, directing people to the online form which will eventually send you their contact information. If you would like more information on creating an automatic lead generation system for your website, Royall Media provides these services. Of course, we will never share your email address or any other personal information with any third parties unless by your request.

Great book for generating leads online and off:


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