Thursday, September 29, 2005

"New Media & Video Testimonials"

Television still provides us with the most impact when it comes to fast paced motion graphics, video, and audio, which can attract potential clients to a product or service. However, video on the web has more recently become a part of most online entrepreneur's marketing campaigns.

Although there are several ways for using video on the web, including product showcasing, demonstration, and general advertising like your standard TV commercials, by far the most common use for online video is for testimonial purposes.

By now, you probably know that testimonials can be an effective way for you to gain a potential client's trust, and you have probably included text forms in some of your marketing materials. (If you haven't, I suggest you start!) But there are some benefits to taking the extra time and effort to record, edit, and place on the web (or sales DVD) some video testimonials as well. Just remember to always ask permission before using a testimonial, if you are given a compliment by one of your clients.

Unlike your standard text testimonials, video testimonials are more effective for the following reasons:

• They allow the client to associate a real person with your product or service.
• They allow the client to read the person's facial expressions and body language to judge if they are really telling the truth or not.
• They eliminate any doubt in the prospect's mind that you made up the testimonial.
• They are more interesting because they stimulate your eyes AND ears, and you don't have to read them.
• You can generally include more of the testimonial on video than you can in a text format, allowing your prospective client more time to "warm up" to you and your product or service.

As I mentioned above, there are several mediums for showcasing your video testimonials once they are produced. You can have them on your website. You can have them on sales DVDs or CDs. And you can even play them on a monitor at your trade show booth. All in all, more people will be exposed to, and believe in, your testimonials (and product!) when they are captured on video, rather than in a plain text format. And although video testimonials do not replace text testimonials for marketing pieces such as your brochures, they will add yet another valuable weapon in your arsenal of marketing tactics.

Learn more about marketing with video testimonials here.


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