Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Marketing is an Anticipation Game"

In marketing, we essentially invest dollars for the future cash flow return it is expected to provide us. The problem arises sometimes, that once the initiatives are enacted, the information, method, or system has fallen out of popularity.

For example, brochures that quote pricing are dated by nature, and by the time you get them designed, printed, and effectively being passed around from client to client, your pricing structure is probably ready for a review.

Trends die, and new trends are born, anticipate the next hit and be first.

• Digital New Media will be the wave of the future. Instead of watching the tube, you'll be watching the computer screen, so start planning for it. (The new RMI website will feature some high-impact video, to be released towards the end of October.)

• iPods are already big, podcasting popularity is growing, and "broadcatching" (of video) will be the next major hit, delivered to devices like your cell phone for example. Plan for it.

• Digital business cards are growing in popularity. One product we at RMI develop are Mini DVD rom discs (don't confuse this with the MiniDV video format - these are actual DVDs that are small), some of which are even shaped like business cards. As these make sense for tech companies, giving out previews or examples of their products, they are not yet cost effective for everyone - but they will be.

• Digital memory cards - like those memory USB chips we're now familiar with, will contain games, ads, and other information, and will be available for purchase, or possibly as promotions to get you to plug them into your cell phones or PDAs.

The point is, you have to do more than keep up with the technology, you have to stay ahead of it.

Bill Gates is a prime example of practicing this, as he always has Microsoft developing software which needs more computing power than currently available on the market; but he knows that computers will continue to get faster, and memory cheaper, so that it only makes sense to stay ahead of the game and be first to market with new and innovative products.

This is the future of advertising!


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