Friday, December 14, 2007

The Real Orlando Addy's Website

The Orlando Addy's event is an awards show every year which recognizes the most creative agencies for their creativity in marketing and advertising campaigns. What better place to show off creative talents than to a group of creative individuals? That's just what we did when we created - the original Addy's website.

Unfortunately, by some un-popular opinions, the site was deemed to risqué and not suitable for a "creative" audience. Censorship on creativity... ironic, no? It is being replaced with one such as this one... . Creative?

The Addy's have been known for sites and opening shows that push the envelope due to the strict corporate environments Ad Agencies normally have to adhere to. This is part of the fun that agencies get to have with a night that's "just for them!"

Take the Atlanta Addy's website from last year for example (no link to show as this year's site is up) - each video contained 6-7 curse words and poked fun at the intellegence of advertising professionals. Another great example is the Seattle Addy's opening from a few years back. - This one may truley be overboard, but that would be a matter of opinion!


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