Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Ten Trends to Drive Traffic and Sales in 2007"

Bravo to Heidi Cohen. She has compiled a great list of trends that will drive sales and marketing in 2007. Personally, Royall Media has seen triple digit growth in the interest our clients have shown in internet marketing and interactive media.

The main trends she outlines are:

2007 Trends
  • Online video advertising keeps growing.
  • Social media evolves.
  • User-generated content continues deepening engagement and giving users a voice.
  • Search marketing keeps expanding.
  • Improved e-mail execution builds customer relationships.
  • Online content continues evolving.
  • Alternative content distribution channels such as RSS and tagging expand.
  • Second Life continues to live while gathering competitors.
  • Increased real-time testing and analytics sophistication drive bottom-line improvements.
  • Integration with other channels improves.
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