Friday, October 27, 2006

"Give it Away, Viral Marketing, Build Your Business"

In my quest to try and help a computer repair technition build sales, we've come up with a very simple solution. Give it away for FREE.


That's right. Give it away. Obviously I'm not talking about the core products or services that pay your bills and are the bread and butter of your company, but if you're looking for new clients, one of the easiest ways to pick up new ones is to give your services away!

In the case of the computer repair technition - his problem was finding new business. He mentioned that once a client became a client of his, if they ever had problems in the future, they usually called him back. In otherwords, he didn't have a problem keeping them - he had a problem getting them to buy in the first place.

Little business card sized coupons were the answer. They read, "Call this number and receive 1 hour of on-site computer repair services for FREE." Next line, "Absolutely no strings attached, Guaranteed." Last line, phone number. On the back - "The name of the person who gave me this card is: ______________"

Viral Marketing - Pass not one, but 4 cards out to everyone you know. Tell them to keep one for themselves and pass the other 3 onto friends. For every "friend" that calls you and mentions the person's name on the back you gave the original 4 cards to - give that original person another free hour as well. They'll be sure to keep passing your cards along to others if their getting something for it.

Now, the computer repair technition charges for any hour past the first, upcharges on parts needed to replace, and will custom quote a job if he needs to take the machine back to his office to repair it. There are still plenty of ways for him to make money, but the marketing efforts here are minimal, and it works on its own, building him a huge database of new clients.

Give it away, have others give it away for you, and build your business quick with just a little sweat equity.

Do you have a situation that needs some marketing advice? Post a comment here, and I'll reply.


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