Monday, November 27, 2006

"Hal Becker's Simple Sales Questionnaire"

Here's a pretty useful tool (to be used as a guideline) for anyone who has to "sell" their product or service. Hal Becker is a salesman, plain and simple - recently, I heard him speak in Orlando and he had some great tips.

One tool of his can be found here on his website. It's his Simple Sales Questionnaire.

Although its not going to function for every product or service, you could easily adapt it to your specific situation with a little alteration; not to mention it's great to have an outline to cover the basics.

Don't forget however, sales should be a relationship building process and you should focus on really helping people and companies out! If there is no real value to what you are doing for someone, the relationship wont last for long. I'm not a fan of the "hard sale."


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