Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Starting-up, Reevaluating? Step Into a New Customer's Shoes."

A successful business must focus on what clients want rather than what the owner thinks they should have. When starting or reevaluating your business step back and put yourself in the customer's shoes. Look at the complete company as a new customer does. This allows you to see the glaring mistakes and keeps you moving in the direction of positive change.

The reason for taking a new customer's views is that existing customers are more like friends. They know more about your company than is apparent. They're more forgiving because you've done a good job for them. They are so familiar with you that they hardly notice if your company is declining. New customers presume that what they see is who you are.

Allow yourself into the mindset of a preverbial customer. Develop an idea of how they would view the business and assess and correct noticible weaknesses. Make changes logically and slowly. Make sure that all affected employees know what the change is, why it is necessary, and how it changes their jobs.

With evolution comes a transformation, and you want your business to evolve into a success therefore you cannot resist change!


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