Friday, July 22, 2005

"Define Advertising Objectives"

Every ad and every adverstising campaign should have clearly defined objectives. It isn't enough for the marketing manager to just say "promote the product," they must decide exactly what advertising should do. Advertising objectives must be more specific than personal selling; each ad must be effective for not just one, but thousands of customers.

Here are 7 specific advertising objectives:

1) Help position the company's brand or marketing mix by informing and persuading target customers or middlemen about its benefits.
2) Help introduce new products to specific target markets.
3) Help obtain desirable outlets and tell customers where they can buy a product.
4) Providing ongoing contact with target customers, even when a salesperson is not available.
5) Prepare the way for salespeople by presenting the company's name and it's merits.
6) Get immediate buy action.
7) Help maintain relationships with satisfied customers, confirm their purchase decisions, and encourage more purchases.

Think about the best way to accomplish these objectives when you are designing your next advertising campaign.


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