Monday, June 06, 2005

"Use the Resources You Have to Your Advantage"

Marketing is one of many aspects needed in order to succeed in a business. The strategy by which a person develops the marketing plan, should be derived from the actual product they are trying to profit from. Like my colleagues have said, only utilize what resources you need. If you do not need a Web page, then why have one?

However, I'd like you to consider this:

Billions of people surf the web every day. If you own your own business and are having trouble thinking of products to create, why not create something that is computer-based? This way, production costs are low, and potential buyers include everyone that surfs the net.

Many people do not take advantage of what the Internet has to offer: information. That is all that Web pages, the Internet, and even computers are about. All from the comfort of your own home, you can look up almost anything; from different napkin folding techniques to creating atomic bombs. Within this research lies the beauty of the Internet. Having information readily available like this cries for attention. You, the entrepreneur, need to learn how to harness this information - for profit.

Only recently has something such as open source become a wide-spread notion. The idea of someone writing a program or creating something in demand, usually for non-profit where everyone has access to it and is able to edit it, is really being taken for granted.

Take blogs for example. It is the exchange of information which is user-driven by people like you and I. Now, you read it, take the information and move on. But, what about the people who created the actual blog? For simple blogs, the creators who take credit for the generation of traffic did not create the actual code or underlying structure for how blogs run, but have used prepackaged ideas which come with manuals on how to implement them. Then, the same person can approach companies whose motif are similar to the theme of the blog and see if they are interested in advertising some of their information, for a price of course. Now, other than effort, what monies, excluding the computer, did the person invest? Nothing. Blogging is a great marketing technique.

Ideas like this are all out there, free, for the taking.

What about something more in-depth? For the more advanced user, who actually creates their own Web site, or is interested in something more complex, there are plenty of tools out there such as message boards, and other Web and non-Web related products that can be implemented within the site's design. Learn them, just by doing the research and reading documentation on how the items and products work.

Just by reading, one can learn, and more than likely make money from, the comfort of their own home without investing anything other than their time.


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